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Germany is not one of the top countries that comes to one’s’ mind when thinking about countries where one can study in English. Contrary to general perception about studying in Germany only in German, there is a large number of higher education institutions in the country that offer programs taught in English.

Indeed, according to a recent report about international studies and research in Germany, the number of international students coming to Germany for their Bachelor’s or Master’s education, as well as the number of English taught Master’s programs, has been increasing over the years (Read more).


The capital of the country, Berlin, has especially become an attractive location for students from around the world; not only because of the international academic environment and English taught Master’s programs it has, but also due to relatively low costs of living and studying, English speaking student jobs and internship opportunities and the vivid culture it presents.

90% of the students enrolled at the Institute Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM) this year, for example, are non-German nationals coming from different parts of the world. ICRM is an institute of the Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) and offers an executive Master’s Program, M.A. in Responsible Management, which is fully taught in English. Considering the impact of Brexit, leaders of ICRM expect, in the coming semesters,  to receive many more international applicants who want to study in English in one of the EU countries.

Consulting Services for Studying in Germany

Being based in Germany and working with experts that have their professional ties to German universities, Education Mobility Grid (EMG) offers counselling services to students who consider Germany as one of the possible destinations for their academic career.

You want to study in Germany but are not sure about the admission procedures at various universities? You want to know more how a German degree can benefit your future career? Contact EMG to meet its experienced, international team and discuss your individual options!

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