Education Mobility Grid (EMG) is an educational consultancy dedicated to providing cutting-edge educational solutions tailored to the needs of institutional clients




  • You are seeking strategic support for your university grant applications
  • You need to integrate EU funding in your school or vocational center
  • You seek strategic partner in the field of sustainability and digitalization
  • You wish to implement programs for a healthier work-life-balance and responsible use of digital technologies
  • You need advisory on Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)
  • You require customized educational solutions for your employees


  • You wish to seek advice for admission to public or private universities in Europe
  • You wish to apply for studying at public or private universities in Europe
  • You seek other supporting services such as health insurance, bank accounts, etc.


Education Mobility Grid (EMG) is an educational consultancy group with offices in Germany and the Netherlands. We assist students, parents, educators, schools, universities and businesses by offering one stop educational solutions on a global scale. Our mission is to empower organizations to make positive change through education. With our global network of partners we are able to offer a wide range of high quality services tailored to our clients’ individual needs.


For Students

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  • Guidance on studying in Europe with a special focus on Germany
  • Assistance in choosing the most appropriate academic
  • Assistance for language courses
  • Guidance in finding accommodation
  • Assistance for visa requirements, bank requirements (blocked account) and health insurance
  • Customized service fee based on requirements. Contact us for details.


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For Families

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  • Worldwide school placement for relocating families
  • Support and assistance throughout the entire school search process
  • Development of future educational plan
  • Educational repatriation
  • Boarding schools beyond UK and USA 


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For Teachers

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  • Worldwide employment opportunities
  • Online teaching jobs
  • Guidance on salary and benefits
  • Training opportunities
  • Access to international network 


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      BORIS BULATOVICDirector of Strategic Development & Co-Founder[su_spacer size=”1″]

      Boris is responsible for building strategic partnerships on behalf of EMG, as well as for its international expansion and engagement.

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      Being an entrepreneur since his early twenties, Boris has founded three successful ventures in the educational field. His expertise includes development and management of international study programs, digital learning and teaching methods, as well as corporate learning. Prior to his engagement with EMG, Boris has acted as the co-chair of a UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Working Group, as well as the Vice President of the Berlin Net Impact Professional Chapter. He is also an appointed auxiliary lecturer at Steinbeis University Berlin.

      Boris has studied in four different countries, including the USA and France, and has first-hand experience on different educational programs and curricula. He holds a degree in Management with specialization in small and medium enterprises as well as postgraduate certificate in Project Competence Coaching.
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        ELA KURTCUDirector of Operations & Co-Founder[su_spacer size=”1″]

        Ela is responsible for operations and process management, third-party funding, as well as building strategic partnerships for EMG.

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        Ela has over 5 years experience in international projects and higher education sector. Her expertise includes educational program design and coordination, international project development and implementation, stakeholder communication, as well as social innovation and entrepreneurship. She is also an appointed auxiliary lecturer at Steinbeis University Berlin.

        Over the past 10 years, Ela has studied in international study programs in Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration (Bogazici University, Istanbul) and two Master degrees in Social Sciences (Humboldt University/METU, Berlin/Ankara) and Responsible Management (Steinbeis University, Berlin). She speaks English, German and Turkish.
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          KSENIJA POPACDirector of Client Relations & Co-Founder[su_spacer size=”21″]

          Ksenija is in charge of planning, development, implementation, review and evaluation of EMG services. She also oversees clients’ relations and manages the consultant teams network.
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          Ksenija has over 25 years of international experience in teaching and educational consulting. Her expertise includes university counseling, school placement consulting, teacher recruitment, management, curriculum development and implementation for IB English and History, as well as Business English. As an entrepreneur, she founded and successfully managed her own language school for corporate Business English training. Prior to co-founding EMG, Ksenija held various senior educational consultant positions in which she assisted numerous corporate and private clients in making the right educational choices.

          She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and a Master´s in English as a Second Language. She is fluent in English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Serbian. [/su_spoiler]


            MARIJANA BUGARICRegional Manager Middle East & North Africa

            Marijana is a Senior Educational Consultant who provides valuable expert advice on various educational services.
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            Additionally, she is responsible for marketing and teachers recruitment. With her background in Education, Marijana is a great addition to the EMG team. Her global career has entailed over 10 years of different educational roles including, most recently, teaching History and Social Studies at different primary and secondary schools in Cairo. Marijana has also served on variety of school committees. Her core competencies include creative lesson planning, curriculum development and learner assessment. Her particular area of expertise is development of innovative approaches for teaching and student-parents-teachers engagement.

            Marijana holds a Bachelor`s degree in Arabic Language and Literature and is fluent in English, Arabic and Serbian. She lives in Cairo.

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              MIRJAM HERRESTHALRegional Manager DACH[su_spacer size=”20″]

              Mirjam is a German native with a professional background in Biotechnology. She is responsible for client relations and operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=”Read full biography”]

              Having studied as an exchange student at the University of New England in Armidale, Australia, Mirjam brings first-hand experience with all aspects of studying and doing internship abroad.

              Mirjam has over 15 years of management experience in a German multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company. Her expertise includes supply chain planning, material management, as well as event organization and management. She has been in charge of different international and national congresses and professional workshops. Her extensive knowledge in Biotechnology and experience with pharmaceutical companies is a great asset to EMG clients wishing to pursue their professional career in this field.

              Mirjam has 7 years of university education in Biology, Microbiology and Biotechnology in Germany and Australia. She holds a Dipl.-Ing. Degree in Biotechnology. She speaks German and English.


            • GV VADIVAN
                GV VADIVANProject Manager
              • IGOR SUSAK
                  IGOR SUSAKProject Manager