Schools’ Transformation in Line with the Demands of Today’s Families and Children

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Globalisation has been increasing not only the number of expat families, but also the need for English-speaking school education for children. There is also an ever-growing awareness and interest for non-traditional teaching methods that boost creative thinking and motivation in kids. As a result, more and more families want to send their children to international or non-traditional schools. Indeed, in many cities, like Berlin, the demand is so high that the existing alternatives fail to meet the needs.

Following that, many schools go through a process of transforming their facilities, management systems, teaching and learning methodologies alike.

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Consultancy Services for Schools (See  the brochure)

Having the mission of empowering individuals and organizations to make positive change through education, EMG offers consultancy and support services to schools that want to improve their processes in line with the demands of today’s families and children.


EMG’s student centered counselling and support services offered to schools cover diverse topics:

  • University Study Consulting
  • University Entrance Exam
  • Online Tutoring
  • Vacation and Gap Year Programs

Additionally, EMG offers school centered consultancy services that reach to various fields:

  • Staff Training and Workshops (in-person and/or e-training)
  • Sport Facilities Consulting
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Teacher Recruitment
  • Start-up School Support

EMG works with a global network of partners and experts, and therefore, is able to offer such a wide range of services tailored to each school’s specific needs.

Projects on School Education

Besides offering consultancy services on the above listed areas, EMG is interested in participating in and/or leading relevant international projects targeting schools and/or school-aged children. European Commission emphasizes the importance of school education for social and economic development and opens several project calls on topics such as digitalization of education, entrepreneurial education and extracurricular school programs each year.

EMG has submitted project applications to the European Commision as part of certain project consortiums. While the results of those applications are yet to be announced, EMG staff has already started looking into the project calls of the coming year.

Contact EMG

You wish to transform your school and improve its processes? You are interested in taking part in a related project in partnership with EMG? Contact EMG to learn more about our consultancy services and innovative ideas!