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Sports is not only a crucial part of healthy living, but also an excellent way for social interaction. Engaging in sport activities not only contributes to one’s physical and mental health, but also teaches one skills such as team-work, fair play, awareness about oneself and surroundings.

Physical education (PE) in schools, therefore, is essential for children’s physical and mental development. An adequate physical education program requires not only facilities set in the right way with the right equipment, but also professionally trained staff.

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Consultancy Services on Physical Education

Having PE as one of its focus areas, EMG offers consultancy services to private/international schools on

  • PE curricula development
  • Facility design and equipment
  • Extracurricular sports program design and implementation
  • Topic-specific staff training and coaching

EMG’s PE consultants are PE teachers themselves who have years of experience in working at international schools, as well as expertise in the above mentioned areas.

Projects on Physical Education

Besides offering consultancy services on PE, EMG is interested in participating in and/or leading international projects in the field. It is put forward by the European Commission that physical education could bring about significant societal benefits. Sports is one of the subject areas where the European Commission opens several project calls each year. EMG has recently submitted project applications to the European Commision as part of certain project consortiums.

While the results of those applications are yet to be announced, EMG is already working on an application for the next period, focusing on the topic of Extracurricular Sport Club Program for international and non-traditional schools.

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