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The second transnational project meeting (TPM) of the Erasmus+ Project, “Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women Administrators”, to which EMG participates as a partner organisation, has been completed with the participation of partner organizations.

The 2nd TPM took place between 26 – 27 July 2018 in Berlin and was hosted by EMG. Project partners evaluated the past project activities and discussed about the outputs of the first intellectual output (IO1), namely the case study survey and report.

In lieu of the IO1 findings, project partners will be working on developing the IO2, namely the training program for women administrators in education field, in the coming months. The program is planned to be delivered in October/November 2018 period in partner countries.

During the 2nd TPM, project partners highlighted the possible challenges in and means of delivering the training program (IO2) in their countries, based on their experiences in completing the the case study survey (IO1).

The 2-day meeting was finalized with a short Berlin tour.

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