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In early 2016, a group of educational professionals came together with the purpose of  assisting people in educational mobility across the globe, and launched Education Mobility Grid (EMG), Germany based educational consultancy dedicated to providing cutting-edge educational solutions tailored to the needs of both individual and institutional clients.


EMG Background

Co-founders of EMG have expertise in vast areas of education sector, ranging from higher and secondary education consulting to teaching at various school levels, management of higher education institutions, and design of university study programs. International education and cultural diversity have been part of both their professional and personal lives. Being educational entrepreneurs themselves, EMG co-founders value principles of entrepreneurial and innovative education, positive impact creation, as well as global citizenship.

Having this multifaceted background enables EMG not only to offer educational solutions to various clients, but also to analyse their needs from diverse perspectives and present well-rounded advice.

Services and Clients

EMG offers counselling services to

  • students that want to pursue their undergraduate/graduate education in Europe,
  • families with school-age children that search for an international/boarding school for their children,
  • school teachers that want to advance their career through international work experience and/or further professional training,
  • schools that need recruitment and/or staff-training support,
  • higher education institutions that are to strategically develop/improve their organizations and/or study programs,
  • corporations that need help in assisting their relocating employees with school age children.

Regional Focus and Global Network

Considering the wide range of clients, it is clear that the educational mobility EMG refers to, is not always directed to Europe, but also to other parts of the world. Therefore, EMG has been extending its global network by incorporating qualified educational consultants who are local experts as well.

Although EMG has started offering its services with a regional focus on Germany and the Netherlands, additional regions, being addressed, have been extended to Austria, Switzerland, the Balkans, Turkey and Egypt.

Contact EMG

You fall into one of the above mentioned client groups and need support services? You are a qualified educational consultant who wants to be part of EMG and its global network? Contact EMG to discuss your options!


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